Showreel 2020

This is my 2020 showreel with clips from my animations made during my time at Middlesex University and as a freelance animator.

Forward Together

This is my film Forward Together made from the audio of an interview with Midwife and Nurse, Maxine Chong. As a Black woman who was a key worker during the Covid pandemic, she shares her personal and proffessional opinions on the vaccine as well as the inherited mistrust black people have due to past and present cases of systemic racism within scientific and medical institutions. This piece was commissioned by Warwickshire County Council to help reasure black people and women of child bearing ages who have been shown to be more hesitant to take up the vaccine.

Life takes Guts

This is my film Life takes Guts. An animation made from an interview with a young south asian woman living in Britain with IBD. Commisioned by Wolverhampton University as a part of their Living in Silence project.

Mountain in Mist

This is a test animation using a mixed media approach, it is 2D animation conposited over live action.

Behind the Scenes of Wilted

This is a small film documenting the process I used for creating my graduation film Wilted. It also gives insight into my personal life and the difficulties I face as an artist with ongoing health problems.

Currently my animated film Wilted is password protected as it is still in the festival circuit but if you would like to watch the full video you may contact me for the password.

The Lady with The Heavy Hat

This is my second year film- The Lady with Heavy Hat.

A elderly lady reminisces about her life and the events that led her to wear the same heavy hat, day and night, for 30 years.

It’s a film inspired by¬† true snipets of my grandparents love story and a bronze bust of a lady in a hat that i saw in the Birmingham art musem.

It’s a bitter sweet romance with an odd twist.

It won “best film” twice when it was screened by Middlesex university and it has been shown at the launch party for the first Cardiff Animation Festival.


This is a joint film made by myself, Riz Rafiq and Immanuel Mbang for a RAF museum exhibition called “Three Pilots- One War”

Stotzheim is set some years after the great war. The main character is Peter Falkenstein (a surviving German pilot). He remains traumatised by his vicious acts as he goes about his peaceful life at his family’s mill in Stotzheim and struggles with PTSD flashbacks.

Student Work

Here is a link to my vimeo page that has most of my student work on it- the good, the bad, the ugly.

If you like my films and would like a short animated film or animation for a project, please email me.